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Software for vessel and crew management

TheFleet.NET is perfect solution for global maritime organisations. Designed for the companies with multiple offices around the world in mind, it natively supports diverse organizational structure of such organization.

Developed in C# for .NET, with MS SQL Server as database server, it gives you unlimited growth potential, and peace of mind to know that your software investment is developed with latest technology, securing that you won’t be ‘left behind’ by today’s fast software and hardware progress.

The Fleet.NET has all the necessary functionality for ship-owners, ship management companies and agencies. The system allows user to access information whenever and wherever it is required, all you need is Internet connection.

The Fleet.NET system is the successful implementation of service oriented Client-Server architecture developed with latest Microsoft .NET Technology.

 “The Fleet.NET”  comes loaded with many features:

More details about each new feature are listed below:

• Access data from anywhere, at any time

Users can access data from any computer with internet connection. All data transfer is optimized to allow comfortable work even over slow dial-up connection, enabling users to connect to central office database from home, remote office, from vessel, while traveling - simply from any computer connected to Internet.

• Sharing the workload

Ability to access same data from multiple locations brings one of most important benefits in new version - sharing workload among different users and offices. Because all users work on same database, all changes are immediately available to all other users, and more importantly, this allows you to enter data at origin, eliminating duplicated work. For example, all details about crew members can be entered in crewing agency, thus leaving planning office with more time to plan crew members for vessel service. Crew evaluation reports can be entered by master directly from the vessel, and be available instantly to all interested users.

• No Import-Export
There is only one database, there is no need for export and import of data at remote locations, and in addition, all updates are available immediately to everyone, instead to have always yesterday’s data in all other locations.

• Crew Application

Crew agencies can now enter details of potential crew member in database, and have those new crew members approved by management. Once approved, new crew members are immediately available for planning and vessel service, again eliminating double work of entering data.

• Different user rights

There is several user levels enabling you to define which user can view or edit specific data. Companies with multiple offices around the world are supported by design, allowing you to setup your fleet and crew members around office (or Fleet System in internal terminology), and have vessels, crew members and users 'belong' to specific office/system.
You can assign different rights to users in one office, and in addition same user can have different rights in different systems. This for example, enables you to give user read/write access to crew planning in one system, and read only in some other system. Or user can have read only rights to everything (typical role for upper management), or any combination of the above.

• Graphical crew / vessel planning

Similar to existing version, you will be able to plan crew for sea service, or any other activity, just by dragging the mouse.
In addition to existing system, new version support planning on periods shorter then a day, allowing you to plan some short vessel tasks, like tug or ferry service, short repairs etc. Or for a crew, some short crew activities like half a day leave, training etc. Short term planning can be done from main planning screen, or as well from specifically developed outlook style planner.

• Crew Activity planning

In addition to standard crew planning for sea service, you can now plan crew for any other ‘Activity’. This for example, make it easy to plan crew members for on-shore training course, as system will warn you that crew member is on board the vessel at that time and thus unavailable for such activity. In addition, you can assign color code to each activity for easy identification in the graphical crew plan.

You can plan crew activities and sea service for any period of time, down to a minute!

• Vessel Activity planning

Vessel activity planning in existing version is vastly improved, and the same way as for crew activities, you can define what activity is, set color for graphical representation, and as well 'overlay' both planed vessel activities, fleet position and crew activities in selected period, giving you instant visual picture of any errors in the plan (e.g. planned crew change in the middle of the voyage, multiple masters on board, dry dock while vessel should be somewhere else etc.)

Same as for crew activities, vessel activities can be planned for any period of time, down to a minute.

• Recurring plan

If you have some regular crew or vessel activities or sea service, you can define recurrence, and have that same plan repeated automatically for several periods in the future.
For example, you may crew members who are on regular 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off schedule. With recurrence, you can plan them for several periods in the future with single mouse click!

• Wizard guided crew / vessel planning

Several new 'Wizards' are implemented, allowing you to perform some operations as easy and fast as possible:
- You can plan the crew for selected period and vessel: wizard will search database for available crew who satisfy all required criteria for service on selected vessel. Whole crew can be planned with just a few mouse clicks.
- If you have crew that have regular on/off periods, you can choose 'Recurring' plan, and plan crew for several periods in the future
- Sign on/off entire crew from selected vessel
- Change complete crew with just a few mouse clicks.

• Color coding

All crew and vessels activities have user definable color coding, for easy visual identification on the graphic plan.

• Scan crew and vessel documents directly from application.

You can scan and vessel documents directly from the application, and store them on the server for immediate availability to all users (if they have sufficient rights to see them). This enables you to have immediate visual check if all documents for a crew / vessel are correctly entered into database, and as well, if users in other office need any of those documents, they have them immediately, without need to fax them or send them some other way. The Vessel Operations

System Requirements:


  • Windows 7, Windows 8 / Server 2008 or later version
  • MS SQL Server 2005 / 2005 Express or later version
  • 1 GB RAM (For SQL server and The Fleet.NET server - if your server will be running some other applications as well, you may need more memory)


  • Windows 7 / Windows 8
  • .NET Framework 4.0 or latter
  • 1 GB RAM
  • Screen resolution minimum 1024 x 768