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The Fleet.NET released!

We are pleased to announce immediate availability of new version of 'The Fleet.NET' software package.

New version of our successful product is completely rewritten in C# for .NET 4.0 platform, with MS SQL Server as backend database server. It gives you unlimited growth potential, and peace of mind to know that your software investment is developed with latest technology, securing that you won’t be left behind by today’s fast software and hardware progress.

Designed specifically for the marine industry, and appraised by our customers as being friendly and easy to learn and use, our software integrates some very unique features that make it stand above the competition.

Our software suite is only of it's kind to offer ship owners and managers:

  • Highly effective crew planning and management module
  • Vessel operations management module that handles all the routine day to day operational data
  • Crew and Vessel document validity tracker module
  • Vessel scheduling module that can be used to plan, and graphically show, user-defined vessel events such as dockings, charter periods, vessel visits by shore staff, off-hire etc.

Each module can stand alone or be integrated with any other module into a full marine software package, as per the individual client’s requirements.

To download fully functional demo of our software click here.

You can download PDF brochure with more details here.